Garlic is one of the most common ingredients of several cuisines. No doubt, generation after generation has found garlic to be beneficial for several conditions, both as a preventive measure as well as a curative element. One of the most popular forms of garlic supplements is the Garlic Oil.

How is Garlic Oil manufactured?

Garlic oil can be made in 2 ways:

  • By steam distillation of fresh, crushed garlic cloves.
  • By soaking chopped garlic in (generally vegetable oil)

Garlic oil made by the first method is very concentrated as this method extracts pure oil from garlic cloves. This type of garlic oil can be obtained in a ratio of 1 lb of crushed garlic clove : 1 g of garlic oil! As you can see, garlic oil thus produced in this manner is naturally more expensive.

Garlic oil made by the “soaking” method, however, is less concentrated and milder as this preparation method already adds vegetable oil to the extract. This also allows gentler consumption.

Generally, garlic oil is available in the form of pills (with a few garlic oil drops capsuled with safe gel coating), as well as in fluid form contained in a dropper bottle.

What does Garlic Oil contain?

No matter which method is used to produce garlic oil, its contents remain pretty much the same. The only difference is in the level of concentration of extracted components – most people are better able to process the milder garlic oil more easily.

The stronger the garlic oil, however, the more allicin it contains, which is the single most effective, active substance in garlic. This “allicin” is what is responsible for the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of garlic which we can derive so many benefits from.

Both pill and liquid forms contain diallyl disulfides (DADS) and diallyl trisulfides (DATS), though in different concentrations and thus have a different effect. For instance, garlic oil capsules (with milder concentration of garlic extracts), are generally taken as a food additive or garlic supplement. On the other hand, liquid garlic oil is highly antioxidant and anti-fungal in nature and may even be applied directly to painful pimples or infected skin areas.

Liquid garlic oil contains rich sulfides (due to the steam distillation process of production) which are soluble in oil.

Garlic oil in pill form on the other hand, contains around 1% garlic oil, the rest of the composition being vegetable oil. This form contains less DATS and DADS, but also contains ajoene, an element that is highly antibiotic in nature.

What All does Garlic Oil help with?

Garlic is not only good for the body’s health from within, but also for certain external conditions that are fungal and bacterial in nature, such as pimples and skin infections. A few of these conditions and situations which Garlic is good for, are discussed below.

Heart Diseases

Garlic oil has been proven to be beneficial for heart tissue, the deterioration of which can lead to heart attacks. Garlic oil capsules are the better option for this purpose as they are milder and generally considered safer for the heart.

As a meal ingredient, a few drops suffice for a one time meal catering to 4-5 adults – this is an approximation of the general 2-3 garlic cloves per meal. However, it must be noted that to enjoy long term benefits, garlic oil must be made a consistent part of your diet.

Cholesterol Levels

Garlic oil helps control cholesterol levels to a healthy balance of good and bad – it helps reduce LDL (the bad type of cholesterol).


A 2010 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that garlic oil not only improves antioxidation in the body, but also improves heart health by way of controlling inflammation, as well as prevents cell deterioration – conditions which lead to diabetes.

Bodily Aches and Pains

Garlic is known to cure muscle spasms in the body. Several sports coaches recommend garlic oil supplements (2-4 pills a day) to their coachees. Garlic oil is also popular among women who suffer from menstrual cramps, or those who are anemic.

Skin Problems & Other Infections

Garlic oil can be applied to painful pimples as and its anti-bacterial properties can instantly have a healing effect on them. It is also known to cure snakebites, tick bites, and others.

Other Ailments

Making garlic oil (or garlic oil supplement pills) a part of your regular diet helps prevent several common health issues. It makes the immune system stronger and is thus able to ward off the common cold, flu, coughs and fevers; headaches & even sinus congestion;and asthma. Using it as a food additive also helps prevent general food poisoning, stomach aches, and other related problems. With so many benefits in all its different forms, its clear that making garlic oil a regular part of your life has nothing but immense benefits.

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