Benefits of Having Tea

Tea has two major benefits that usually constitute to your energy after you consume tea and that helps you get through your day. These benefits are as follows:

  1. It has the right amount of caffeine that increases your energy levels.
  2. It supports and helps in digestion

Best Time to Consume Tea

After extensive research it has been shown that tea has its best effect in the morning. Most people have low energy levels in the morning and especially after meals. So it is suggested that you drink tea after breakfast or lunch to boost your energy.

The best and the healthiest time to consume tea are exactly 20 minutes after you have taken your meal. However, the figures may vary according to personal conditions.

The Worst Time for Consuming Tea

If you love having tea and you think you cannot function without it during the day, there is a high chance that you may crave for more tea after you have had dinner. However, this is the worst time to drink tea as it may create disturbance in your sleep due to the presence of caffeine. In case you cannot resist your urge to drink tea, you can have herbal tea that contains herbs that calm your nerves and help you relax. The main purpose of this tea is to put you in an undisturbed sleep mode.  An example of such herbal tea is Organic Sleep Tea.

However, if avoiding the tea during these late hours saddens your evening and affects your mood, you can try to make a cup of tea with shorter steeping time. This way you will extract less caffeine from your tea. When you decrease the steeping time, you will consume relatively less caffeine, but this might affect the taste of your tea.

Times When You Should Avoid Tea

Yes, tea is delicious and healthy, but there are times when you should not consume tea and try to stay away from it.  Here are a few situations in which you should avoid having tea:

  1. Avoid caffeinated tea in pregnancy. However, there are some fruit teas that do not contain caffeine but contribute in making the process of pregnancy and delivery easy. For example Raspberry Leaf Tea.
  2. Kids below the age of 12 are not recommended to consume tea, especially on a daily basis.
  3. Any child or adult who is allergic to caffeine. However, they may consume herbal teas and fruit teas that are not caffeinated especially if they are extracted from herbal plants or herbal supplements that are used to prepare them.
  4. In cases where you do not feel well after the intake of your tea. There is a high chance that you might be allergic to some ingredient that is used to make that specific tea. Consult a doctor if you feel unwell after drinking fruit infused tea.
  5. When your doctor suggests you to stay away from drinking tea.


Different seasons bring out different body conditions in people. Older people are more sensitive to cold. So, green tea and white tea have a cooling effect that might not be suitable for the elderly, especially during cold. The teas that have a cooling effect are also known as ‘raw’ and are known to be sensitive to the stomach.

Following are the teas that will be suitable for the elderly:

  1. Dark Oolong Tea
  2. Black Tea
  3. Aged White Tea

The Most Suitable Teas for Different Seasons

Most people have a hard time wondering which tea to drink in what season or which real fruit tea is the most suitable in what seasons. However, it is also a good idea to match the herbal tea benefits with the seasons and weather conditions. If you take your tea according to the prescribed seasons, it will enhance its ability to help in the parts of brain and functions.

Best Tea for Spring and Summer

In the hot weather, all you need is a tea that is less oxidized and has a cooling effect on you. Green Tea and White Tea are known to have such an effect. The cooling effect of the tea balances your body temperature in the hot weather. However, it is advised that consumption of this tea be decreased in the winters.

Best Teas for Autumn and Winter

During the cold season, it essential that the fruit tea recipe you use are warm. In this case, you need to have tea punch that is more oxidized. The best example of the tea that is most oxidized and gives you a warm feeling is Black Tea.

Just like you, we were also curious whether there are right times for different types of tea. Well, when you’re a tea lover, you gotta know it all!

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