According to research conducted by NCCAM, CoQ10 is amongst the top 10 most widely used natural products in the US. Similar in nature to vitamins, this powerful coenzyme is a highly recommended supplement with a variety of health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants and acts as a blood freshener, tissue strengthener, as well as an immune system and energy booster.

Consumer Lab Certified

Given its popularity, we wanted to ensure we are able to provide our customers with the best quality Coq-10 supplement available in the market. In order to pursue this goal, we conducted in-depth research and developed our CoQ10 product under strict GMP guidelines. After having gone through the entire product research and development phase we sought out to get our product independently lab tested to provide further confidence to our consumer base regarding the quality of Buddha’s Herbs High Absorb CoQ10 supplements. We achieved this milestone when our Premium Coq10 100 mg product qualified in Consumer Lab Independent Testing.

Why Consumer Lab Testing is Important

We recently published a press release announcing the achievement of this milestone where the importance of Consumer Lab testing has been explained in detail. Here’s an excerpt from the release:

“Consumer Lab is a prestigious and Independent Dietary Supplement testing organization committed to help consumers select only quality products for their health needs. Consumer Lab is also recognized by FDA and employs latest available scientific methods for their testing. The products are evaluated for the content of their active ingredient label claims, heavy metal especially lead contamination and proper dissolution among other. Very low tolerance is shown for heavy metal contamination and the stringent criterion laid out by California Proposition 65 is followed in testing. It may be mentioned that California Proposition 65 caps lead limit per daily serving to 0.5 parts per million (ppm) much less than allowable limit by FDA and USP. This actually leads to failure of many big brand names to pass Consumer Lab testing.”

Salient Features of Buddha’s Herbs High Absorb CoQ10-100 mg
  • Certified by CONSUMER LAB for Ingredient and Product Quality in Independent Testing
  • Each Softgel contains atleast 100 mg of Naturally Fermented CoQ10
  • Formulated for Enhanced Bioavailability
  • Every Product comes with Lot Number and Expiration date which corresponds to the Verified COA
  • Meets California Prop 65 requirements and purified for Lead ( less than 0.1 ppm per Daily Serving)
  • Declared as the Best Value Coq10 product available in the market
  • Customer Appreciation- The Biggest Indication of Product Quality

While Consumer Lab certification is an important indication of the standard and quality of our product, we think nothing speaks louder than positive customer reviews from people who have bought and tried our products. Positive reviews act as a reinforcement of all the hard work we’ve put into developing the finest CoQ10 product available in market and these reviews (along with more details of our product) can be seen on our product pageas well as our Amazon store.

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